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Buhari promises youth secured future, better Nigeria in 2021

By Idowu Abdullahi,

President Muhammadu Buhari has disclosed that his administration would be dedicating 2021 in the pursuit of programmes and policies that would guarantee a secure future and better country for Nigerians, particularly the youth in 2021.

He restated his government commitment toward supporting and empowering the youth in positioning them for global competitiveness, adding that the outgone year had shown younger generations’ dexterity in their resolve to seek betterment in issues of their immediate concerns.

Buhari said that since 2020 was one of the most trying years since Nigeria existence as a nation with outbreak of coronavirus and EndSARS protest that nearly tore the country apart, there was need for political office holders to prioritise youth welfare and empowerment.

In his New Year broadcast on Friday, the president acknowledged that 2020 was a very tough year, adding that the country would kickstarting 2021 with renewed hope to brave any storm ahead.

According to him, our administration’s swiftness in attending to youth demand for police reforms and good governance reflected the high esteem in which we hold the younger generations.

“2020 indeed came with a lot of challenges ranging from security and economic issues across the regions to understandable protests that were mainly led by our youths and served notice to the demand for police reforms and accountability. This government heard, this government listened and this government is committed to fulfilling the five demands of our youths, fully understanding that we all wish well for Nigeria.

“I wish to also use this occasion of New Year to reaffirm my commitment to the people of Nigeria, especially the youth who need our collective encouragement and support. In securing this nation we need to secure the future of our youth.

“Our young people are our most valuable natural resource, at home and abroad. Their ingenuity, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit is evident to all. Many of our young people are excelling in various spheres of life including sports, entertainment, information and communication technology, commerce and are globally recognized as achievers.

“As a government we are committed to actively engaging with the creative energies of our young people. In this regard, we will partner with the legislature to develop an enabling environment to turn their passions into ideas that can be supported, groomed and scaled across regions. This will create vast opportunities in fintech, agriculture, business process startups and in the entertainment industry,” he said.

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