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Buhari, Atiku, Akeredolu condemn murder of 22 Ondo Muslims

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

President Muhammadu Buhari and the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, and Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, have condemned the murder of no fewer than 22 Muslims and left 14 others with different degrees of injuries after their buses were attacked by irate youths in the Rukuba area of Jos, Plateau State.

They said that the murder of Nigerians by their fellow countrymen was unacceptable, heinous, and stand in complete contradiction to the teachings of the great religions of our nation.

Aside from the three, other Nigerians have also faulted the attack earlier Saturday on travellers from a religious event in Bauchi, passing through Jos, the Plateau State Capital.

Buhari, in the statement Senior Special Assistant to the President Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, stated that this attack was not an agriculturalist-on-pastoralist confrontation but rather a direct, brazen, and wickedly motivated attack on members of a community exercising their rights to travel freely and to follow the faith of their choosing.

He added that the mode of the attack indicated that it was a well-conceived and prearranged assault on a known target, location, and religious persuasion of the travellers, not an opportunist ambush.

The President said: “I stand steadfast with both Christians and Muslims at this time in condemning this latest attack and expects and insists that justice was swiftly, but fairly, delivered to the perpetrators.

“Make no mistake about it: in line with my commitment to protect all Nigerians, I have ordered our security agencies to fish out the
perpetrators of this gruesome massacre of innocent travellers and bring them to justice,” President Buhari added

Atiku, through a statement released through his official social media handle, said: “The report about an attack on innocent travellers on a major highway in Plateau State stands condemned, just as those too numerous to mention across the country in recent time.

“I commiserate with the families of the deceased. One, for losing a dear one and, secondly, in the gruesome and callous manner they met their untimely death.

“It is acknowledged that the security outfits are doing their very best in the current circumstance to make all of us safe. However, skirmishes like
this and the pain accompanying it make us feel as though enough is not being done.

“We must continue to pray and to give all moral and logistical support for security operatives to continue to face this battle and register victory
that will restore peace and safety of lives and property to every Nigerian.

“It is my prayer also that the Almighty Allah Heals our land and accept all the souls that have been lost to these cruel acts of killings”, the former vice president added.

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