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Breaking: Lagos discharges five coronavirus patients after recovery

By Temitope Akintoye,

The Lagos State Government has disclosed that six recovered coronavirus patients have been discharged from quarantine following repeated negative test results for the deadly global pandemic, bringing total number of discharged people to eight.

It revealed that the patients, who had been in quarantine for weeks, had fully recovered from the infection and had received multiple negative test results which initiated their discharge process.

The Guild gathered that the former patients, who were discharged from the Infectious Disease Centre at Yaba Mainland Hospital on Monday, were happy that they could safely return home to their families and that they were able to do so before effect of state-wide curfew had taken place in Lagos as directed by the federal government.

According to the recovered persons, who spoke to the Guild on anonymous condition, the deadly global pandemic was real and not to be trifled with, saying that all precautionary measures to avoid further spread should be employed by Lagosians and Nigerians in general.

They expressed their thanks to the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, over prompt treatment which was received from the state’s healthcare professionals through which they were able to recover and get discharged in good health.

However, one of the discharged patients, who reiterated that the medical professionals had gone above and beyond in performance of their duties and to ensure that health was restored to all patients in their care, pleaded with Sanwo-Olu, saying that workers at the Infectious Disease Centre should be given free life insurance plans.

He explained that rigours of the job, as well as high possibility of contact with the infectious and deadly disease necessitated that life insurance packages be given to such workers, so as to ensure that in case of any eventuality, their families and dependents would be adequately taken care of.

The patient while narrating his experience, praised Lagos emergency response team, adding that without them many such as he would have died from infection, and that their sacrifices of time and effort were much appreciated by himself, the other patients and their families.

“I came in here on the 15th and after the test showed positive, I was asked to come back the next day. So i was admitted here. Initially, there were hitches but it later turned out fine. The health workers did fine, all our challenges were attended to. I’m a living witness together with my other colleagues,”

“We can beat it, I want to assure others that this is not their resting place. Encourage yourselves, take your medications and in no distant time, you will get out of here. I  also want to appeal to the Federal Government and Lagos State government that, they should remunerate all those workers who have volunteered to work accordingly, so as to serve as encouragement to others because if they are not here as first responders, many would have died”.

Meanwhile, for another of the released patients, Sanwo-Olu had been a big help and support to them during their trying time of ill-health, through measures which had been put in place to combat the disease, which, he said they were living proof of efficiency and hard work which were being put in by government.





“I was admitted last Sunday. Initially there were challenges but the following day, they brought bed, mask and some equipment,”

“Apart from what my colleague said, the workers should be insured. Proper insurance will let people do what they have to do. I was positive but they attended to me, we patients would sleep but they will continue working so they deserve life insurance to encourage them to do their job”.

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