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Breaking: Italy Coronavirus death toll hits 631 in 24hrs

By News Desk

Atleast 168 persons have been confirmed dead in Italy after contacting the novel coronavirus known as COVID-19, increasing the death toll to 631 persons.

The death toll on Tuesday according to an official, who does not want his name mentioned, hinted that the fatalities were confirmed in the last 24 hours across the country.

While disclosing that 1,004 people have recovered from the virus, Civil protection chief, Angelo Borelli, said that the deaths were the highest single-day toll to date,

Borelli said the number of cases rose to 8,514 while the total number affected, including deaths and recoveries, reached 10,149.

Authorities further hinted that during the weekend, the number of patients in intensive care was 567, the number which forced the country’s government to suspended all schools and universities until mid-March due to the outbreak.

To prevent further spread of the virus, the government has discouraged handshaking as well as taking part in sporting events, with many large gatherings suspended and those older than 65 advised to stay at home.

The virus originated in China but has reached more than 100 countries, with the World Health Organization saying Monday the “threat of a pandemic has become very real.”

As part of efforts to contain the outbreak, some governments closed borders and suspended land and air travel with the worst-hit countries.

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