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Breaking: Coronavirus death toll increases in Italy

By News Desk

The Italian Government has disclosed that figures of deaths since Coronavirus outbreak in the country have leaped forward, with 233 confirmed dead and 5,061 already tested positive to the virus.

Coronavirus has taken hold in Italy, with considerably more cases than any other European country, with its citizens becoming purveyors of the deadly virus.

Figures released by the government on Saturday during in a press briefing by the government indicated that fatalities increased to 233, an additional 36 compared to just 24 hours ago.

The government also confirmed that the number of patients that have tested positive to the virus has increased to 5,061, an increase of 1,145 compared to only yesterday.

Of the 5,061 patients, no fewer than 2,651 of them were currently in hospital with symptoms while 567 have been admitted in intensive care, to boost their survival chances.

A further 1,843 people, however, were in auto-isolation at home in order to prevent the spread of the disease in Italy.

Earlier, the leader of Italy’s Democratic Party, Nicola Zingaretti, announced he has the coronavirus, but added he is feeling well and has placed himself in self-isolation at home.

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