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“Breakfast”, the new Heartbreak

Breakfast has become another name for heartbreak, and it is funny how the term has quickly caught on. Heartbreak can be hard, messy, and frustrating; however, moving on also can be as difficult.

Heartbreak can be difficult and unexpected. How do you come to terms with the fact that someone you wanted to build your life with and eventually marry is no longer interested in you?

Fast Rising Nigeria Singer, Maxee come through with a brand new single which has been trending online with the tag Break Up Na National Cake.

These are people’s view on ‘Breakfast’:

“Yes lol only the grace of God would save one from it”, says Ameenah Busari from Kogi.

“Yeah because most of the people in a relationship are not in it based on genuine love and affection for their partners”, says Pelumi Olojo.

“We might not be comfortable with looking at it this way but most relationship is just to gain from the other person”, says Hibee Olowo.

“Boyfriend wants to have sex”, from Seyi Timothy.

“Girlfriend wants money from the boyfriend and in some cases wants to have sex also”, says Lumi Bode.

“Relationship of these days are not based on LOVE, so it can’t stick or last” from Funky Abeeb in Lagos.

There is a connection between emotional and physical pain when heart-broken (served breakfast). The emotional pain has effect on the heart, the immune systems and digestive systems, and more.

Failed romantic relationship can be extremely painful; sufferers of a broken heart can succumb to depression, anxiety and, in more extreme cases, post-traumatic stress disorder.


How to handle heartbreak

  • Understand the past

Take an honest look at what you just went through. “Recall your emotions and thoughts during the romance — from its early stages to when things began to get rough, to when it ended,” a Relationship Health Doctor recommends. “Think of other past relationships and look for patterns.”

  • Prepare a self-care action plan

While it is tempting to lie around in sweats for days on end (we have been there) and stock your fridge full of ice cream and pizza, taking good care of yourself now will save you from more struggle later.

“Lift yourself up emotionally, mentally, and physically,” Health experts recommend. “Exercise. Eat super healthfully. Cut out sweets and alcohol as much as possible.”

  • Connect

When we are used to being around someone 24/7, it can be quite a shock to our system when they are no longer around. “Practice deep breathing, yoga, and meditation,” the Relationship Expert recommends.

“Connect with people you trust.”

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