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Bosnia declares state of emergency over coronavirus

By NewsDesk,

The Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has declared a State of Emergency over incidence of the deadly coronavirus pandemic with aim to stall further spread of the viral infection among its people, and within its regions.

It stated that the declaration would facilitate easy implementation of emergency processes to curb spread of the novel infection, reduce risk of further transmission and increase the country’s chances at overcoming threat of the covid-19 in its borders.

The region’s Prime Minister, Fadil Novalic, expressed optimism that the state of emergency would go a long way to stop spread of the disease through restriction of people movement and association, as well as affording government the needed lee-way to introduce and implement adequate proceedures for testing, quarantine and patient treatment, with aim to reduce incidence of new cases and provide proper care for confirmed cases.

Speaking to newsmen in the region on Monday, Novalic explained that it had become apparent that the country, which had so far reported 24 cases on the coronavirus infection, needed to take drastic measures to curb any possible spread of the global pandemic and that the decision to declare a state of emergency had been based on such need.

He reiterated that the government was concerned about the safety, health and wellbeing of its people, and that he and his team were not ready to take chances with Bosnian lives, hence declaring state of emergency.

The prime minister urged Bosnians to comply with government directives, adding that the decision had been taken with the peoples’ best interests at heart, and that the disease, if promptly combatted, would be a thing of the past within the country’s borders and among its people.

The Guild gathered that the state of emergency protocol would include closure of all public gathering places including bars, restaurants and stores among others, excluding food stores, and that the closures are expected to last for at least one week.

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