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Biden moves closer to party presidential nomination, wins major primary elections

By NewsDesk,

Former American Vice -President, Joe Biden, has taken steps which moved him closer to winning the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, making his aim to run for seat of President of the United States more feasible and more achievable for him and his team, as he won landslide victories in four major states’ primary elections to finish first in the race to represent the party during the upcoming general elections.

It would be recalled that the race for the upcoming American presidential elections had seen Biden compete for the Democratic Party’s nomination against rival, Bernie Sanders, both in a bid to face, and defeat, American President, Donald Trump, during the general elections.

Biden won landslide victories in Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and Idaho Democratic presidential primaries, and the results in these four major states had put him ahead in the race towards presidency while placing Sanders on an unsteady footing as concerns his presidential ambition.

Speaking on the race for the white house on Tuesday, on occassion of his election victory, Biden expressed his appreciation for the trust which Democrats in the four states had placed in him by casting their votes in his favour, adding that the Democratic party was one, and should be unified in its purpose ahead of the general elections on November 3, 2020.

The 77 year old former vice-president reiterated that he and Sanders had a common goal, which was the party’s goal to defeat Trump, and provide proper leadership for America and its people, to make the country work again and undo mistakes of the present administration.

He therefore urged Sanders and his team to unite with him, and support him so as to reach their common goal, and  attain the party’s agenda together, stating that though they were rivals in their bid for the white house, they both stood on common groud of ideals, ideology, party and politics.

Biden, who thanked Sanders, his team and supporters for their decorum, comportment and passion through out the primaries exercise, reiterated that one win was a win for all, adding that they were all members of the same team.

“We share a common goal, and together we are going to defeat Donald Trump”, he said.

According to research organisation, Edison Research’s exit poll results, Biden’s wins in the four states were made up of votes cast majorly by women, African Americans, educated voters, non-educated voters, older voters, union members and all but the very liberal, marking up majority of the voters in those states.

The Guild gathered that elections had also held in other states, with the results for Washignton and North Dakota elections being too close to pick a winner, and which also did not help the furtherance of Sander’s presidential ambition, especially as these states had earlier been considered as major voter strongholds for contestant, Bernie Sanders.

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