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Bauchi Govt. to lease out Zaranda, Wikki Hotels, others

Bauchi State government plans to lease out the famous Zaranda Hotel, Wikki hotel, and Bauchi State Hotel to prospective investors.

The state government said the decision was in line with an on-going privatization programme, through the State Bureau of Privation and Economic Reforms (SBPER) and the hotels will be leased out to interested “Core Investors.”

Other state’s property to be leased under the privatization programme include; Bauchi Meat Production Company Limited, Galambi Ranching Company Limited, Bauchi Fertilizer Company, Gubi Dairy Farm and Bauchi State Furniture Company Limited.

“The SBPER hereby invites Prospective Investors to express interest to lease one or more of the companies advertised.

“Applications are expected from both national and international investors.

“For pre-qualification, prospective Lessee must possess verifiable evidence of technical, financial and managerial capabilities to own and manage any of the advertised companies”, the state government said.

The state government said:  “Prospective leasee will be required to pay a non-refundable processing fee of N100,000.00 (One Hundred Thousand Naira), payable to Bauchi State Bureau of Privatisation and Economic Reforms.

“Upon payment, prospective Investors will be issued Information memorandum, bid documents, and given access to the data room.”



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