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Babangida’s daughter attributes Kagara abduction to maladministration

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

The daughter of the former military head of state, Aisha Babangida, has attributed the abduction of students, staff, and their family members at Government Science College, Kagara in Niger State to successive administration at Federal, State, and Local Governments level been unable to address the challenges confronting the country.

Babangida added that the maladministration experienced over the years had increased the number of unemployed youths, increased poverty level, hike the illiteracy rate, greed on the part of politicians, and corruption from public officeholders that have affected the fabrics of the society.

She added that until these five issues are addressed by the governments, the banditry, insurgency, and other criminal cases that have crippled peace and harmony across the country would persist.

The chairman of the Better Life Programme for Rural Women, in a statement posted on his official social media account, urged the apex government to establish an anti-kidnapping agency and introduce policies that could ensure job creation across Nigeria.

Babangida, on Thursday, stressed that there was a need for the government to reevaluate the root causes of kidnapping and address them so as to totally eliminate the horrible scourge.

“I felt abducted myself when I heard about the kidnap of our children at the Government Science College, Kagar. Niger State. Abduction is the work of monsters. There is no return from such deeds, only an eternity of nothing. My prayers are of our children to be found quickly and safely.

“My prayers are for the beautiful souls lost through this horrendous tragedy. My prayers are for the dear parents who must be going through such pain and anxiety over the whereabouts of their dear children. It is so heartbreaking that we work to protect children from harm, but yet the dangers that face our children within our communities are truly disturbing”.

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