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Atiku urges Muslims on prayers against coronavirus as Ramadan commence

By Temitope Akintoye,

The Nigerian former Vice-President  and People Democratic Party (PDP) presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, has urged Muslim faithfuls to  pray for Nigeria during Ramadan, to over Coronavirus pandemic to has put the nation on hold

He said that the viral infection had adversely affected all aspects of life as well as placing barriers against religious rites associated with the Islamic spiritual month,  necessitating  both individual and collective prayers for well being of the country.

Atiku noted that the mandatory fasting period was traditionally a time of sharing and congregation among Muslims, but advised that faithfuls should adhere to coronavirus preventive measures during the Ramadan.

The former vice president, through a statement released on Friday, advised that Muslims should adjust to the new realities of coronavirus in the country by observing social distancing and obeying government movement restriction directives.

He stated that such restrictions should be viewed as challenges to the faith and that it should be accommodated peacefully by Muslim faithfuls across nation.

According to Atiku, members of the Islamic faith should be resilient in such tough times and carry out religious obligations within boundaries of the coronavirus preventive regulations.

“As you commence the fasting period – one of the mandatory sacrifices required of us – bear in mind this year’s Ramadan comes at an extraordinarily tough moment for the Muslim Ummah because of the severe restrictions the Corona Virus has imposed on us,

“Unlike previous years, the 2020 fasting features such as Iftar meal that Muslims share together every day and every evening after breaking their fast would be affected… Other activities that may be affected include the Tafsir or the gathering of Muslims to listen to Qur’anic recitation and interpretation by scholars,

“I urge Muslims to be steadfast and adjust to the new reality imposed by the Corona Virus disease… It is pertinent upon Muslims to continue to be the good ambassadors of Islam by promoting peace, unity, tolerance, harmony and peaceful coexistence at all times. Above all, it is imperative that we observe all guidelines of NCDC aimed at stemming the spread of the virus, much so as it is the teaching of the Noble Prophet Mohammed (SWT) during plague seasons such as this”, he wrote.

He expressed hope that the health crisis would soon be over and prayed that God should grant the country aid to overcome the viral pandemic.

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