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ASUU advises undergraduates to embrace vocational training, traveling indefinitely

By Monsurudeen Olowoopejo

Nigerian undergraduate students hoping to resume for academic session may have to wait longer after the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) advised students to forget immediate resumption and begin to either settle for vocational skills or travel abroad for fun.

ASUU added that since the Federal Government was not ready to address lecturers demands, students should use the strike period to assist their parents in developing the family business, become an active social worker in religious houses and other groups within their community.

The union, who gave the advice in a statement released on Thursday on its social media account, titled seven pieces of advice, reel out how the students should spend the strike period since industrial action has been declared indefinite.

Through the statement, ASUU described strike periods as an avenue for students to ease academic pressure, learn new skills and add value to their life.

The union argued that successful individuals globally often seize opportunities and do not wait until it falls at their doorstep before grabbing it to better their status since there was no time that favours everyone.

It said: “Students should either settle for Internship or get a small-time job. This may be a great time to draft your Curriculum Vitae (CV) and pitch yourself to employers. Already, there are a couple of opportunities since the announcement of this strike.

“Students can also join the family business. Some of us have ‘family businesses’. This the business our parents have been doing for some time. It can be a big-time company or a small supermart. Whichever one it is, it is not a bad idea spending holiday working here. It’s one way to give back and also add to your professional experience.

“The students can learn a new skill. I have an engineer friend who makes a living today from graphics design. He learnt it while we were in school. There’s almost no limit to the skills you can learn during the holidays. If anything, start with learning basic and intermediate computer operations(if you don’t know that by now). Code schools are also popping up everywhere so you can join one. You can also join the growing community of Nigerian freelancers and hone your skills.

“Students should also be active in church or mosque, other groups. Refuse to be an onlooker anywhere you find yourself. Be a part of people who make things work. Join a group in church, your community, and be active in it. These experiences also contribute to shaping the person you’ll be in the future.

“And for students that cannot do these, should travel. There’s no harm in travelling if you can afford it. Travelling is also a form of learning. If you happen to have relations scattered around Nigeria and abroad, consider travelling. Life’s too short to not explore more places.

“Also, students can use this opportunity to read books. We do not mean only course-related books. Take up a novel, read a book on investment, study Nigerian history, look up spiritual books. Read far and wide.

“The students can also use this time to have fun. Well, you still have to catch some fun. Plus, it’s perfectly okay to spoil yourself a little. You can binge watch your favourite TV series, play football, go to more events etc”.

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