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Argungun festival, motor rally returns 10 years after suspension

By NewsDesk,

The Kebbi State Government has flagged off 2020 Argungun International Fishing and Cultural Festival, marking its return after over 10 years of suspension.

According to the government, this year’s festival will not be devoid of the traditional car race event and famous Argungun Fishing Festival, which had often attracted thousands of tourists to the state.

The state government assured that the 2020 festival, which marks its return after 10 years of suspension, following the rising incidence of unrest and terror attacks in Northern Nigeria, has been organised with novel activities to embellish, aiming to restore tourism pride of the state.

Being the country’s oldest car race, founded in 1973, had been a major part of the famous Argungun International Fishing and Cultural Festival, which held annually in Kebbi State up till its suspension, and both had been main tourist attractions events which were highly looked forward to.

The State Governor, Abubakar Bagudu, explained that the festival had been restarted due to the renewed reign of peace in Northern Nigeria under the leadership of the President, Muhammadu Buhari and that with its commencement, it was expected that there would be a renewal of traditional values as well as a boost of income and industry in the state and country, in general.

Speaking to newsmen at flag-off of the car rally in Abuja, yesterday, Bagudu revealed that all the participating cars in the event were assembled in Nigeria, and expressed elation that the festival, which he described as a cultural heritage, could be successfully restarted under his watch.

He said that such events were expected to boost the state’s economy through promotion of tourism and provision of opportunities for manufacturing vehicles and automobiles such as which were featured in the car show and that traditional festivals such as the Argungu International festival imbued people with pride in their cultures and traditions, and a fierce sense of national pride and patriotism.

Bagudu made mention that the three-day car rally event constituted of a 13 city race by contestants, starting in Abuja and with a finish line at Argungu fishing village in time for the fishing festival event and that the race would be closely monitored with appropriate security and health agencies on hand in case of Emergencies.

A source close to the state government disclosed that the fishing festival was expected to include events such as the world-renowned fishing competition, bullfighting, fire dancing, magic arts performances and many more.




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