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APC must compensate ANPP bloc with 2023 presidential ticket

By NewsDesk, with Agency report

Caucus from All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), one of four political parties’ merging blocs that formed All Progressive Congress (APC) and wrestled People Democratic Part out of power in 2015, has said that for things to be considered balanced in APC, there would be need for the party to reward people from ANPP with 2023 presidential ticket as a form of compensating the bloc for its contributions to the ruling party after its merger about eight years ago.

People from the bloc indicated that since the merger in 2014, members of ANPP have not held any strong posts and fair share both at federal and party levels while other blocs of parties of APC including  Congress for Progressive (CPC), Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and People Democratic Party (PDP) have been enjoying and rewarded with various juicy positions.

They explained that by rewarding caucus of ANPP with 2023 presidential ticket, it would mean that APC has settled its entire house and also saved the party from infighting that could rein unity that put the ruling party’s structure together.

To them, there are competent hands and people from the bloc that can succeed President Muhammadu Buhari and build on legacy that would be left to be inherited by successor, and APC has to be fair by giving the caucus such opportunity to produce next president of Nigeria.

The Imo State former Governorship Candidate, Bennett Lemchi, who is a member of the caucus of ANPP bloc of the ruling party, stated that APC needs to be fair on people from the bloc and that compensating the caucus with 2023 presidential ticket would put party’s house in order and remove internal caucuses’ crisis.

Speaking on ANPP’s bloc demands tabled before APC’s founding members on Thursday in Abuja, Lemchi said that ANPP should be allowed to produce 2023 president for the ruling party and that it would be ideal for APC to cede the presidency to the block of Igbo extraction.

He claimed that the caucus has competent candidates who have needed qualifications and right experience required to better put the nation’s resources to best use for economical values.

The former governorship candidate also claimed that one of Buhars’s cabinet members, Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Ogbonnaya Onu, is one of ANPP’s competent hands that can succeed the president and perform excellently.

To him, out of four parties that formed the merger of APC in 2014, ACN, CPC and PDP have all gotten fair shares from the party except ANPP, which is yet to receive key positions as compensation for its contributions to the growth of the ruling party.

“From the just concluded APC convention, it is clear that the founding political parties that merged to form APC have all got something apart from the ANPP bloc.

“Among, the major party blocs that formed APC, CPC got the president, ACN got the vice-president, the current National Chairman is from the New PDP bloc.ANPP bloc is supposed to produce the president by 2023,” he argued.

Meanwhile, Lemchi appealed to party members to support Onu as ANPP 2023 presidential candidate and that the party should adopt the minister in the spirit of fairness and equity.

According to him, Ogbonnaya Onu is a gentleman with visionary leadership qualities capable of taking Nigeria to greater heights.

The APC chieftain said that it was equitable to support an ANPP bloc’s representative member of Igbo extraction for president by 2023.

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