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APC members must learn from PDP mistakes ahead 2023 election- Buhari

By News Desk

President Muhammadu Buhari has warned members of the All Progressives Congress (APC) to desist from fighting one another over who becomes leader of the party, saying the action could distract APC from maintaining its status in the country.

Buhari said that the members should learn from the mistakes of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) that ruled the country for 16 years and allowed internal wrangling caused it the ability to maintain momentums that had made it Nigerians preferred political party.

The president argued that if the infighting continues to 2023 election, APC, a party formed about eight years ago, could be switching positions with the PDP, becoming the country’s opposition party.

Buhari identified the challenges confronting the PDP, which he warned the APC not to become, as a party entangled in disunity, mismanagement, and corruption.

In a statement by his spokesman, Garba Shehu, he stressed that for the party not to become PDP in Nigeria, members must immediately stop name-calling and backstabbing one another ahead of March 26 Convention and that they should channel their energy towards sustaining APC structure.

Buhari said: “Yes, we are entitled to our own share of dissent and intra-party discord. These are common in all parties, left and right all over the world. But parties splintered by competing egos destine themselves to the worst possible fate,” the President warned.

“As the country prepares for the long run-up to the 2023 presidential election, we all expect a robust debate on the issues that matter, and what is going in the APC should be a reflection of this, not the infighting we are seeing. There must be no more distractions ahead of the convention to choose new leaders.

“Given all that is at a stake, we can expect contests into offices as we are now faced with to be heated although candidates and their promoters for party offices are not so much debating policy differences but differences of management, personality, character, and suitability for the most important leadership roles in our country and therefore the continent.”

“It is equally clear that over the last week or so, the internal management affairs of the APC have been afforded generous media coverage – over and above its importance to the voters of Nigeria. It is important to ask what benefits the poor are getting during the period of intense negative coverage.

“When precisely the party’s convention is held and who is the party’s chairman is hardly a matter for the average voter: vastly more important is who convention delegates will elect as the party’s flagbearer in the coming weeks to take forward the party’s platform to the people in the general election in February next year.

“It is therefore important for the media to put such matters into perspective. No-one is debating policy differences here. That is for the general election. None of the declared aspirants and any of those that may step forward will change because of who may be in the party in the chairman’s seat. It is essentially the same party.

“Of course the media are welcome to comment on the content of the character of the potential APC candidates; discuss their suitability for leadership; scrutinize their offer to the membership. But to focus on the routine internal divisions and magnify them into what they have become today is a waste of everyone’s time, amounting to no more than a discussion over seating arrangements”.

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