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APC faults Obaseki for boycotting Edo governorship debate

By Idowu Abdullahi,

The All Progressive Congress (APC) has faulted the Edo State Governor, Godwin Obaseki, for allegedly boycotting debate on the forthcoming governorship election in the state, saying the action portrays Obaseki as not being ready for serious task of governance.

As stated, the exercise which had been called off by the organizers, the Nigeria Elections Debate Group, was the first of debates meant to showcase the contenders, particularly candidates of the two major parties, before the electorates to speak directly to their manifesto and entertain difficult questions on their intentions and the viability of their plans for office.

The opposition party explained that it was evident from the governor’s sudden pullout from the debate that he was allegedly ashamed of his administration’s poor performance during his first term.

Through a statement released to newsmen on Wednesday by its Chairman, the Edo APC media campaign council, John Mayaki, the party maintained that the need to perfect cover-ups and tales necessitated the sudden boycott by the Governor.

He maintained that the governor had nothing to show for his first four years in charge of the state affairs, adding that incumbents who had something to show would take the opportunity to showcase achievements and why they need to continue in their positions.

“What we have here is the pathetic case of a man ashamed of his own abysmal records in office and unable to defend it. Incumbents who performed in office seize any opportunity to showcase their achievements to the people, especially in national debates meant to deepen the democratic culture and offer electorates a front-row seat at an event where those seeking their votes are made to answer difficult questions on why they are deserving of the office they seek.

“But in the case of Mr. Godwin Obaseki, having failed in all ramifications, most notably his central promise of creating 200,000 jobs, he is playing hide and seek with organizers of debate events, citing unpreparedness and campaigns. The sad truth is that Mr. Godwin Obaseki is never prepared for anything, including governance. To debate, he needs his thousands of aides, most of whom he hired at the dawn of his forgettable tenure, to help him perfect a script of lies and untruths.

“He doesn’t have a known or documented manifesto. His comical ‘MEGA’ plan, which in any case is an admittance of failure, was hurriedly put together as a response to the widespread criticism of his lackluster campaign and the lack of any documented policy promise. Since the launch they staged where Mr. Godwin Obaseki mumbled, stuttered, and unwittingly betrayed the fact that he was also seeing the paper for the first time, we have not heard anything of it since.

“Mr. Godwin Obaseki knows he cannot spend an hour at a debate name-calling Oshiomhole or regurgitating any of his tired refrains premised on buck-passing and denial of responsibility. At some point, he would be asked to speak of his own achievements and explain why schools in most communities in Edo state have just one teacher. This is why he is hiding,” the statement said.

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