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APC desperate to retain power in 2023 – PDP

By News Desk

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has disclosed that with recent events across the country, particularly various propaganda been deployed by the All Progressive Congress (APC), it was clear that the ruling party is desperate to retain power at all cost.

The leading opposition party noted that part of APC government desperation was staging another media stunt to beguile Nigerians ahead of 2023 elections with the unveiling of bogus rice pyramids in Abuja.

While describing the the initiative as pyramids of lies, the party noted that Nigerians are already aware of how the APC and its government “create” fake pyramids of rice with sandbags and re-bagged rice stacked on pyramid shaped wooden structures across APC-led state in 2018.

The PDP, through a statement by its National Publicity Secretary, Debo Ologunagba, argued that there was nothing to celebrate in the APC pyramid of lies in Abuja.

According to the party, it is rather shameful that APC leaders are again ridiculing President Muhammadu Buhari by making him unveil pyramids of allegedly imported foreign rice which are re-bagged as locally produced, just to create an impression of a boost in local production under his watch.

The statement read, “if indeed, there is a boost in local production of rice as the APC wants Nigerians to believe, how come the price of rice has not come down but continues to soar from about N8,000 per bag which the PDP handed over to the APC in 2015 to about N30,000 per bag today?

“It is on record that the PDP turned the waterland of various states of our nation into huge rice production hubs with farms and mills springing up across the country, leading to a boost in local production, drastic drop in imports and the celebrated affordable prices of food products under the PDP administration.

“Painfully, the APC, with its incompetence, counter-productive policies and incurable corruption reversed all the gains made by the PDP in the agricultural sector and triggered a decline in production which resulted in the high cost of food in our country today. Nigerians can recall how APC-led administration failed to protect our farmers and particularly how it blamed over 40 rice farmers killed by terrorists in Borno state instead of going after their assailants.

“The APC pyramids of lies are therefore nothing but huge signposts of their failures and irredeemable proclivity for lies, deception, beguilement and fake performance claims even in the face of unbearable high costs of food, 22.95 percent food inflation rate and our nation’s ranking as 98th out of 107 in Global Hunger Index.

“It is clear that with the 2023 elections in sight, the APC is desperate in pushing its stock-in-trade, pyramid of lies, propaganda, deceit and bogus claims with which they stole power in 2015. What the APC has not realized is that 2023 is not 2015. Nigerians have seen through APC deceits and not even these “pyramids of lies” can help the APC in 2023.”

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