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Americans’ anticipations for Biden’s victory, declaration as 46th president grow across homes

Ancitipations of Americans to usher in Democratic presidential candidate, Joe Biden, as 46th president of United States of America and end tenure of incumbent President, Donald Trump, controversial government have continue growing across homes on the US’ soil following on going presidential election’s results been counted in favour of Biden.

Through their bodies’ languages, Biden would be prefered to emerge and serve as American next president than to have Trump return to seat of power and run White House for another four years.

They said that since Biden had pulling 73,815,366, about 50.5 per cent, from popular voting against 69,707,786 votes gathered by the incumbent president, the Democrat president candiddate would emege as next president of US and make America great  again for the generations yet unborn.


Although, forecasts by election experts across globe and media analysis on the US presidential election, indicated that Biden was close to victory after winning Georgia and Pennsylvannia on Friday but raised concerns on wheather Trump condede deafete.

Through state-by-state Electoral College vote that determines the winner, Biden has 253 votes on his aide against Trumps’s 214 lead in the according to most major television networks. Winning Georgia’s 16 electoral votes would put the former vice president on the cusp of the 270 he needs to secure the presidency.

They analysed that 77 years Biden would become next president of United States should he win Pennsylvania or two out of  trio of Georgia, Nevada and Arizona.

From electrion result tables, in Georgia, Biden was reported to had moved ahead of Trump by 917 votes and shift came hours after Trump appeared at the White House to falsely claim the election was being stolen from him.

It was reported that Georgianans turn around histortical tradition of being a state  identitied  with Republican by voting against Trump and brinding Biden close to victory and that the Democrat presidential candidate would be a beter president compare to Trump considered as anti people.

The Georgia Secretary of State disclosed that there were about 14,000 ballots still to count in the state and that the state would ensure that they were put through process.

Meanwhile, Trump claimed that he was  robbed of in the elction and had won presidency across American’s soil through legal counting.

But wheather he would conceded defeat or not, Trump said that the election was being stolen from him after he had won his contender.

“I easily win the Presidency of the United States with legal count. without offering any evidence that any illegal votes have been cast.

“They’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen,” said Trump, who spoke in the White House briefing room but took no questions. Several TV networks cut away during his remarks, with anchors saying they needed to correct his statements.


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