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America awards $812M coronavirus drug manufacture contract to local company

By NewsDesk,

The American Govt. has awarded a contract worth $812 million for the manufacture of coronavirus medications within the country, saying that the move would curb the nation’s dependence on foreign-made and imported pharmaceuticals.

It disclosed that the contract was awarded to a private pharmaceutical company, Phlow Corp, and expressed optimism that the mandate would yield an increase in the nation’s capacity for drug manufacturing.

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services said that incidence of the deadly coronavirus pandemic within the nation had brought to the fore the inadequacies of America’s dependence on China and India for its medical supply and that it had thus become pertinent for the implementation of plans to increase home-grown pharmaceutical production.

The department, which confirmed the awarded contract through a statement released on Tuesday, revealed that the undertaking was to the tune of $354 million and that it was slated to run for an initial period of four years, with the option for an extension of up to ten years and $812 million.

In its response, Phlow expressed elation at the receipt of the national contract and revealed that production had already commenced on several essential Covid-19 medications within the country.

It disclosed that it had already started manufacturing pharmaceutical ingredients and also finished dosage forms for the medicines to treat the deadly coronavirus outbreak in America.

According to Phlow, over 1.6 million doses of five essential Covid-19 medications had been delivered by the company to the U.S Strategic National Stockpile, many of which had previously been in short supply and had been imported from foreign countries.

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