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Alibaba boss sends Coronavirus care package to US

By NewsDesk,

The Co-founder of Chinese multinational e-commerce company, Alibaba, Jack Ma, disclosed that he has sent the first shipment of health care equipment to the United States of America, with aim to help the embattled nation combat spread of the deadly coronavirus among its people and in fulfilment of his promise to help specified countries to get through the global health threat.

It would be recalled that Jack Ma had stated, through his philanthropic arm, Jack Ma Foundation, that he would give 500,000 coronavirus testing kits and one million face masks to America which has severly fallen behind other developed countries in its fight against the viral pandemic due to shortages of the necessary healthcare supplies.

According to Ma, the move which was collaborative effort between Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation was directed at covid-19 hotspots including Korea, Japan, Italy, Iran and Spain, and was aimed at helping heal the world of the deadly virus by giving aid to worst hit countries and helping them overcome the viral pandemic.

China’s richest man made the disclosure through a tweet on Monday, showing the relief materials being loaded on to planes and confirming that the cargoes, which where headed for America as well as Europe, contained coronavirus relief materials as had been earlier promised.

Ma explained that China’s experience with the novel virus made him understand that adequate medical supplies went a long way towards helping countries overcome the pandemic, and futher pledged  to give more of such support to countries that needed it.

He sent his best wishes to affected countries and expressed hope that the global pandemic would rapidly be taken under control.







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