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Algeria confirms new coronavirus cases as China closes makeshift hospital

By Temitope Akintoye,

The Algerian Government has confirmed two new cases of the novel coronavirus infection in the country, bringing total number of Algerian patients with the respiratory infection to three, while China, which was epicenter of the outbreak, has recorded steady decline in new infections so much that need for its makeshift hospitals have dropped drastically, leading to closure of its first makeshift coronavirus hospital.

It would be recalled that the Chinese government had built emergency makeshift hospitals within few hours of the outbreak in order to curb spread of the virus and afford proper treatment facilities for patients, and that the first hospital which was built in Wuhan province, with capacity of about 1000 beds, had catered to influx of infected patients during the days that followed initial viral breakout.

According to the country’s official broadcaster, CCTV, the first of sixteen hurriedly built hospitals was closed after it had discharged its last recovered patients, in a move which symbolised hope and return of normalcy as rate of infection fell daily.

The Chinese National Health Commission, on Monday, explained that Hubei province, amongst several other  provinces, had reported 196 new confirmed cases on Sunday and that such was a sharp decline from 570 cases a day earlier and was lowest recorded figures for the first time since coronavirus breakout in the country.

However, the contrary was case for Algeria as its Health Ministry reported two new confirmed patients, a woman and her daughter, barely one week after it had recorded its first coronavirus case, and stated that emergency methods wouldbe put in place to curb further spread of the infection.

The ministry explained, through a statement released in the country on Monday, that the 53 year old woman and her daughter (24) had hosted an 83-year-old French man and his daughter, both of who tested positive for coronavirus after their return to France and that receipt of such information had necessitated testing and subsequent quarantine of the two women.

It noted that efforts were being made to track, identify and test all who had been in contact with the French visitors as well as the new patients with aim to curb further spread of the virus and adequately treat all who were found to be infected with the disease.

According to the statement, the country was ready to tackle the viral threat, and made calls for cooperation from Algerians, stating that citizens were expected to maintain clean practices and practice regular handwashing with soap and water.

It revealed that the two patients were put in isolation in Blida province south of Algiers, and that all healthcare personnel and facility needed for their care had been made available for use.

“The situation is under control. The patients have been effectively quarantined and are undergoing treatment. We urge citizens and residents of our great Country to eschew panic, stay clean, monitor their health and report to the hospitals if feeling any of the symptoms of this disease”.



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