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Akeredolu reiterates commitment to teachers, students safety

By News Desk,

The wife of Ondo State Governor, Betty Anyanwu–Akeredolu, has disclosed that reiterated the State Government commitment to the safety of teachers and students across the state, saying all avenues would be explored to protect the academic communities, particularly during such times the country was battling COVID-19 second wave.

She indicated that all measures would be put in place in guaranteeing the safety of school communities, adding that efforts are being considered such that would ensure the safety of students and teachers as schools resume academic activities.

Anyanwu–Akeredolu said that while the government would do its part, students, teachers, and other stakeholders in the academic must augment the Akeredolu-led administration’s effort by prioritizing health safety as schools resume across the state.

The strict adherence, she said, was important to ensure the safety of tutors and the tutored amidst the widespread of COVID-19 second wave and the virus new variant.

Through a statement on Monday, the first lady hinted that healthy living among students and teachers was critical to educational advancement across the state.

She said that the government would continue to give priority to the health of stakeholders in the sector, particularly towards safeguarding them from contracting the dreaded virus or turn the school into an epicenter.

Arabinrin Anyanwu-Akeredolu, who admonished teachers and students to strictly adhere to COVID-19 protocols, noted that “this is one of the most challenging periods in the history of mankind, as human continue to compete for sanity, serenity, and safety between its daily routine and the current challenge ravaging its environment.”

She added that as schools resume, teachers must ensure students strictly adhere to COVID-19 preventive protocols, while parents are also expected to play their parts by being good examples for the pupils and making requisite materials for safety and training available.

The first lady observed that the second wave of the pandemic has not waned, and urged individuals must play their part to reduce its spread in society. She said that non-adherence to the COVID-19 guidelines was a major challenge before mankind, saying all hands must be on deck to ensure total compliance.

She, however, implored students to concentrate on their studies unhindered, expressing hope that the novel virus would soon become a history.

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