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Ajagba and breakthrough to Elite Class?

By Kunle Awosiyan


There are hundreds of heavyweight boxers that will retire without a shot at any title fight. They will never be ranked among the first elite 10 in the division because of their poor quality and sometimes due to the team they belong.

I read sometime ago that the Nigerian heavyweight, Efe Ajagba was planning to join Tyson Fury’s team to help his career but the idea gradually faded like smoke.

Ajagba has got some quality but would need to either raise his game or change his style to break into the elite class.

In October 2021, he had his first professional loss against Frank Sanchez, a Cuban. It was Ajagba’s first shot at title match and he lost to a brilliant and more tactical boxer, Sanchez.

As a matter of fact, the Cuban tutored Ajagba how not to fight like a robot. It was more or less a teacher-student battle as Sanchez dominated the 10-round-match to retain his WBC belt.

Last weekend, Ajagba was in the ring with Stephan Shaw where he won by unanimous decision, however his performance for me is not impressive.

Of course Ajagba threw more punches than Shaw, the American landed the best shot that wobbled Ajagba in the encounter.

Against a more experienced boxer, that one punch that destabilised Ajagba could be an opening for another loss as most heavyweights wait for a crack to break down their opponents.

To break into the elite class, our man must step up his game or change his robotic style. His jabs are quite good and heavy. He must do it with a lot of head movement so that a stray blow doesn’t throw him down.

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