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46 People In Nasarawa Regain Freedom From Abductors.

Forty-Six People who were Kidnapped in Nasarawa Local Government Area of Nasarawa State, Central Nigeria have Regained Their Freedom After Four Days in Captivity.

The victims recount how the kidnappers abducted them on that fateful day. Suleiman Ibrahim Eya, one of the victims, who spoke to journalists revealed that they were traveling towards Nasarawa when they heard three gun shots which prompted them to stop. He said Ten armed men all brandishing AK47 rifles with three of them in military outfit took 48 of them and later shot two among their abductees who were Fulani like them.

According to him, they trekked for three hours before they were allowed to rest near a hill and continued trekking the following day before the kidnappers made calls demanding for ransom. Suleiman added that the kidnappers beat one man to coma when they saw him with a bayonet; he later confessed that he was not a vigilante but a security agent.

In the kidnapper’s den, he said they were fed one handful of boiled rice with palm oil as daily ration, but on the day of their release, they were given roasted yam.

The victim said in a low voice revealed that his father had to sell his land at a give-away price to raise part of the ransom to complement what his wife and relations contributed to make up the one million naira ransom demanded by the kidnappers.

He added that Some raised between half a million and below to secure their release, while a young man from Borno and another from Mada ethnic group in Nasarawa state were severely beaten when they said they didn’t have any money or contacts to raise the money for their ransom.

The Chairman of Nasarawa Local Government Areas, Muhammad Sani Otto confirmed the incident and called on kidnappers and criminal to repent before they would be arrested and prosecuted. He also called on relations of abducted people to liaise with the authorities and delay payment to avoid continuation of kidnappings.

This recent incident comes within the period that the Governors of central Nigeria are pulling resources together and brainstorming towards tackling the rising spate of different forms of crime and insecurity in the region. The outcome of such deliberation remains to be seen by the people who are already tired of being victims of incessant crimes on a daily basis.

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