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27 Sudanese security personnel on death row over protester’s murder

By News Desk

A Sudanese court has sentenced 27 security personnel to death over the torture and killing of a teacher during mass protests earlier this year that led to the ouster of longtime leader, Bashar al-Assad.

Another four officers were sentenced to three years in imprisonment and seven acquitted in the landmark ruling that paves the way for democratic transition in the North African nation.

“The 31 security personnel were working in the security units of Khasm Algirba region in Kassala state and are guilty of intentionally arresting, torturing and killing the teacher, Ahmed al-Khair,” the judge said in his ruling.

Thousands of pro-democracy protesters had gathered outside the court on Monday ahead of the ruling. Some had also camped around the court from Sunday night, to witness the judgment.

Celebrations broke out after the ruling with chants of “Blood against blood, no restitution”.

The high school teacher was tortured to death in early February amid reports that he was also raped in custody.

In December 2018, the Sudanese people took to the streets to protest economic hardships they were facing.

The demands escalated into nationwide calls for change leading to the ouster of Bashir after 30 years.

More than 300 protesters have been killed since the protests started and dozens gone missing, according to the opposition Central Committee of the Sudanese Doctors.

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