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25 Kyrgyzstan scientists die of COVID-19 complications

By News Desk

No fewer than 25 scientists have been said to have died of coronavirus complications in Kyrgyzstan, increasing COVID-19 death toll in the country to 1,060.

As gathered, the 25 scientist were said to have contracted the virus while trying to curtail community transmission and produce possible vaccine that could be used across the country by patients that have contracted COVID-19.

The Chairwoman, Higher Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bakyt Tynaliyeva, who announced the death toll on Saturday, expressed the agency’s grief and commiserated with families of the deceased.

Tynaliyeva stated that during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, 25 scientists untimely passed away and that their demise has affected the agency’s in the fight against the virus.

She disclosed that death of the scientists has increased number of number of people that have passed on in the country to 1,060 and that the number of confirmed patients increased to 44, 227.

The chairman’s announcement came hours after Amnesty International  disclosed that over 7,000 health workers worldwide have died after being infected with the coronavirus with Mexico accounting for 1,300, the most from any country.

Through a statement by head of economic and social justice, Steve Cockburn, said: “Every health worker has the right to be safe at work, and it is a scandal that so many are paying the ultimate price.

“Many months into the pandemic, health workers are still dying at horrific rates in countries such as Mexico, Brazil and the USA, while the rapid spread of infections in South Africa and India show the need for all states to take action”.

Other hard-hit countries include the United States with 1,077 deaths among health workers, the United Kingdom with 649, Brazil with 634, Russia with 631 and India with 573.

The agency noted that these figures were likely to have been underestimated as deaths may not have been officially registered in many countries.

Mexico, which has one of the world’s highest overall fatality tolls from the coronavirus, has kept a detailed record of health worker deaths which may partly explain its high figure, Amnesty said.

The Latin American nation has reported 97,632 confirmed cases of Covid-19 among health workers, among a total of more than 610,000.

“There have been reports that hospital cleaners in Mexico are especially vulnerable to infection,” Amnesty said, noting that outsourcing means such workers have less protection.

The Mexican government has recognized that the health system has suffered from decades of neglect but says it is working to improve standards.

The country of 128.8 million has officially registered more than 65,000 deaths from the coronavirus, out of a total of more than 860,000 worldwide.

In countries including India, Brazil and South Africa, health workers have complained about shortages of personal protective equipment and broader working conditions, Amnesty said.

“Throughout the pandemic governments have hailed health workers as heroes, but this rings hollow when so many workers are dying from a lack of basic protection,” Cockburn said.

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